Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What makes a marriage successful?

A lot has been said & heard about the institution of marriage. Some belief arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages & vice versa. 

In our society, from so many years the debate is going on, what makes a marriage successful: Love or Arrange?  
Somebody, please take a charge & make people understand, marriage is not merely based on the concept of "Love or Arrange", it is much beyond than this
It is a concept which brings two souls together & make their world a better place. Its success is not based on how it is done but how it is followed.                                      

 Now comes a point of "Broken Marriage" which is the biggest taboo in our society.             
People, its an urge just think for once. If two people get married & then they realize that they are really not meant for each other. Their life's are entirely opposite to each other, so what's the harm in calling it off.      
 Their is isn't an one justified reason to blame people for calling their marriage off.                   

Lets take an oath, with every passing moment we will become more open human, 

Lets make Being Mature & open minded a new fashion.            
 Remember, life is to short, don't regret your choices, just learn to move on & be a better human:).        

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lets be a Helping Hand:)

Often it crosses each one of our mind that why me? As we all live by the rule that we have to live for ourselves no matter what others are suffering through.  

 How difficult it is in today's time to help a stranger, it seems almost impossible to lend a hand to a old person carrying heavy bag, we become blind seeing a child on traffic signals begging for a penny, or paying a visit to a sick person in family. 

Why being kind is becoming so difficult nowadays?  

Why everyone of us have to live a life of suffering?  

Why can't all of us live this short life in a simple way. Being kind to others, helping strangers. Treating everyone equally.  

Imagine a life: No Racism, No Religion, No Cast-ism, Nothing at all, 
Where life can be a simple batter system of giving & receiving love & hope from each other. 

  Hope is something we all live by, so lets give hope to each other.                             

Friday, 2 October 2015



We must break free of the seductions of society & live life on our terms, under our own values & aligned with our original dreams. Being true to ourselves is something we can gift our own self.  We have to understand where we have been & know where we are going.  The Power of authenticity is ultimate way for satisfaction


One thing that holds us back is invisible structure of fear. To be successful one have to come out of their comfort zones & face their fears. Every time we step into discomfort of growth & progress, we become freer. The more fear we walk through, the more power we reclaim. Indeed, the greatest risk in life is taking o risks.

  • ·         LIVE WITH KINDNESS
What you think, how you behave is the whole itinerary structure of your body. It is imp to remember that just as our words are our thoughts verbalized, so our deeds are our beliefs actualized. If we disrespect others, we disrespect ourselves. We can make the world better, one person at a time & kindness is the key for that.

The way we do small things determines the way we do everything. Each tiny effort builds on the next, so that brick by brick, magnificent things can be created. The truly wise recognize that small daily improvements always lead to exceptional results over time.

No work can be categorized big or small, right or wrong. There is no insignificant work in the world. All labor is a chance to express personal talents, to create our art and to realize the genius we are built to be. One of the greatest secrets to a life beautifully lived is to work that matters.

It’s a mark of wisdom to choose to spend time in those places that inspire & energize you & associate with those people who elevate and uplift you. We do not move through our days alone or apart from this world around us.

Most people do not discover what’s most imp in life until they are too old to do anything about it. Life is not about materialistic things only, it about the memories you create while this journey called life. As we enjoy the simplest things our happiness grows. Our gratitude expands.

This life is way too short for hatred. How well you live comes down to how much you love. The heart is always wiser than the head.

Monday, 7 September 2015

No One dies alone...

No one dies alone, with every death dies a family, dies every memory, dies every moment spent together.        
True that the one who is born will die one day.      
Then why a death hurts so much?      

 This whole beginning of universe is sometimes questionable.    
 Why do one exists, create memory & then leave the world?         
So what happens when a person dies.         

The body does't go into non existence, because there's no such thing. It integrates itself into the elements. The human being that is inside you-  the real you- doesn't go into nonexistence either.  
The very word "being" tells you that you will always be!                                                                  
 One is not a human "been"!                          
One is an eternal being living temporarily in a human body.                    

If one stopped existing, there would be ab empty space in the universe, & the whole universe would collapse into the empty space!  

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sitting & Observing Familig around, Amaze Me@@

Sitting & observing families around , amaze me!!
 It amaze me in a certain way that how we keep bragging that family is most Important. Without family live is not worth while. Family is the reason for survival in this cruel world.                                                        
 But then there always comes a question in my mind.
 "Are we really the ones who wants to live together in a family?                                         Looking around i have noticed everybody living in a family always complaint about each other. That how a brother keep meddling in his sisters life. how mothers  keep complaining about their daughter-in-laws & son for their negligence towards her. How children keep weeping always for there personal space from their parents & the list goes on and on......                                       Its takes me to a level of thinking that what exactly a word "FAMILY" means. 
  Is it because we share blood relations with one another makes us a family?                  Is it really mandatory for us to be called as family because we share the same sir names?                         


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Feeling of not belonging to what society consider right!!

As we grow up, we learn what is right & wrong in society, do's & don't of living. 
But what is society actually ?          
How can someone categories things in right & wrong?                                  

At times or almost every time as a person we don't belong to what is considered as right. 

It ain't necessary what is comforting to other will be comforting to you as well. As an individual everybody has the right to find their one own selves, their right or wrong. Rules are not always meant to be followed if you don't seem to belong to it..                                                              
Often for the sake of family, society or relatives Individual kills their own believes,  their own dream. But have you ever wonder who will actually care about all this at your deathbeds. Life is given to you to do what you feel right, not what society says!!       Nobody can be remembered for forever but definitely one can live their each day as forever creating memories!                                                 
Don't just stuck to regular so called life. Discover yourselves. Live the life to the fullest before it comes to an end. Make everyday count in creating memories.                                   
Evacuate the feeling of not belonging.   
 As the great saying goes.
 {Most people die by the age of 25 & buried at 85}  

Change the saying, change the life before its to late!!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

So Many People but then Lonliness all over

Everywhere, every moment, every second we are surrounded by millions & billions of people but then deep down each one of us is so alone.   
Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of this life? 
Where each of one us just breathing not even living.   It create chaos thinking about How life's  gonna turn tom & when it comes then again about another tom & finally their comes the end.                    
Every day its a race of taking it to next level, but who knows what next level will bring along itself.                     
Can't we just sit & take a break for a second & think about what exactly the life is & why each one of us so lonely?                                                           
Take an example of Our social network. Hundreds of friends in our network but the point is with how many we actually talk to? With how many we actually hang out with?         
Let's not forget the fact that none of us immortal. Everyone has an end to this life, let's enjoy it now because we never know "KAL HO NA HO"

Sunday, 24 May 2015

This World & How we look at it.

Probably we say that this world is a creation of super-Power above us, watching us from right there. But then why can't it watch that humans are not anymore human. Everybody is running behind materialist things. Money, luxury, cars, gold, property & on & on, the never ending list of greed. Think about it, what can you take along with you on your deathbeds?                                              

Bank Balance, Car, Property? No, nothing can be taken along. All that can go with us is our good deeds, memories, times spent with our loved ones.                                                   

    Everybody who is born, have equal rights of accessing anything or everything.                                                    

An urge to people, look around yourself, is there someone around you, who is really happy & satisfied about this life?  Why everything is so messed up in each one of our life's.     In this pursuit of happiness are we doing any justice to this life?         One day it will all come to an end, this creation will destroy itself not because it is supposed to be destroyed but because it cannot fulfill the need of being human.          Machines were not the creation of super power up there, it was the creation of human.                               

Think about it, what is the real meaning of happiness & how can we really pursue by right method.            

 Money can't really buy you a immortal life, so why not share everything we have until it gets evenly distributed all over' 

Monday, 27 April 2015


Sitting around & thinking what would it be like when someday suddenly everything will come to an end.   Have you ever wonder this human kind has grown so gross that we actually have stopped believing that the nature is the super power. The nature has power of bringing everything to an end & that to without any warning. No doubt that we are so advanced that we have reached even moon. True that we can connect to whole world in less than a second but then are we really the super power?                         
Though we think that man can do everything & anything but we cannot run this planet. It is the nature & its natural instincts that actually run this earth & we are just lending a small space to live a couple of years what we call a life.                                  
As human we have crossed all our lines & made ourselves master of everything in our head that we have almost forgot that its not us who are running this planet, its actually the nature.                                                        
We never know what comes next, someday a little shake in earth of one 1 minute can destroy this whole planet without even giving any notification.   Its just like you are sitting & very next moment its boom...
No technology, no forecast no money, no flying car nothing can help us then.  Once its gone than its gone for forever.                                                        
May be its time that we should stop taking nature for granted, its time to actually respect the nature & its natural value because if we continued to destroy the nature at the very rapid state, then definitely NATURE will start taking us for granted & their will no way to escape.                      

Monday, 23 March 2015

What is living?

Everybody is racing to get ahead of one another. Selfless word has changed its meaning to love oneself & do whatever to satisfy your own selves.                                 Stop for a second & think are you really living or mere just Breathing!!  Don't try your hands on anything & everything do things with which you are able to do justice. Life in not about what you can't do, its about what you are doing right now & what you are suppose to do.                          
As the great saying goes Life is not about how long you live its about how well you live.  With every second of our life we are so close to death that we ourselves have no clue that what next. Stop craving for materialist things start loving yourselves & people around you!   Lets make a habit of Forgiving & Forgetting. Don't keep your mind & heart busy with what will happen next. Start living the very moment you have right now because once its gone then its gone for forever. Find things which gives you happiness, which actually blows your mind off. 
At least spend 30 mins of your day with yourselves ask to yourself that what exactly you are doing & how exactly you should do it. Let the negative force inside you get away from your body & let the peace & calmness enter into it.                                                      Even greatest of human being can't  find god on highest mountain or deepest ocean because the very God lives inside your body, your soul & deep into your heart.   Never forget that life is equal balance of happiness & sadness. One cannot value the happy time without the experience of tough time.  Rejoice & pamper yourselves & your body everyday because its the one you live with.                 People This time we are living right now won't come back. Its now or never. Do things which makes you happy & satisfied. Overcome your greatest fear of life. Learn to forgive . Don't take too much of pressure & don't feel burdened.                   Live it. Live the moment!!                       

Peace!! God Bless every Creature on this planet:)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thinking: a bliss or a blast?

When people says that don't like the other person because of their religion,caste etc etc. Then the question comes who made these different caste , creed & all?            God: if you are there, when you can see all this , then why don't you defend that you are only one & every creature is your blessing. There is no such things difference btw religion,nationality is made by you.          Thousands of people die just because of the fact they think they are dying to protect there religion.                      Can anyone of us come & take a stand? Can any of us make people aware that its about being human first. Life is way to short for justifying any of the differences.     When one person die then he or she is just a dead body nothing else.            Life is about living & loving each other truly. Life is about embracing each other.                            
No matter where you are born, 
What religion you are into etc , you are first a human who will die as a dead body & escape this world.        
Do good get good.. Live happy:)

Monday, 19 January 2015

Can six words describe her? A Mother.

For a second forget about everything & think about her. Who is she?
She is the one who will be okay for bleeding every week in a month for more than half of her life, because it gives her satisfaction that one day she will have you. She is the one who won’t care about her body not at all about her outgrowing womb for complete 9 Months or may be all her life because of bad health issues just to bring you alive. She would bear the enormous pain just to bring you in this world. She won’t mind waking up all day & night just to look after you & feed you even though it would be aching all over her body. Even most of the times she will fulfil your needs & greed’s before you will really ask for it.
So what, it is okay? It is her duty to do all this. Every woman does this.
But why is she doing this. What makes her go crazy?
This craziness is about her peace of mind. We the children give her the unconditional happiness which she can ever ask for. For the first time after the birth when she takes her baby in her lap, it’s the most satisfied & cherishing moment of her life. She is okay with sacrificing almost anything & everything she has because her baby is her biggest asset. She won’t hesitate for once while tearing her body just to keep you warm.

She is the MOTHER. A true & real face of god. Respect her, Adore her never hurt her because no one will love & affectionate you like she do!!

Monday, 5 January 2015

In search of peace!!

Imagine a world where there is no war, no terror, no problems. How would that be?What all we need? A peaceful & happy life with lots of memories. One who is born, shall die one day. When no one can change this then why life is so complicated? How does the difference of religion, country & language helps us. Imagine if there will be no war & peace all over the world, then nobody shall die the unnatural death. No war means no armies which in turn means that that no solider has to leave his or her family to fight for his/her country.
Peace a small word barely 5 words but can give you hell lot of satisfaction.                  People says that they fight to protect there culture, religion, country, sovereignty etc etc..
Who made it different?
The truth is god never created any difference. God made us.  We the humans are his creations. He made us but we created different religions, countries, societies etc according to our greed's & needs. But we almost forgot that needs can be fulfilled but greed's cannot be.. We forgot that religion was actually made to fool of ourselves. Surely religion was discovered when first conman met first fool..                                   Give a thought one day or other your life will come to an end. Therefore no war, no terrorism no nuclear weapons, no diff of religion, no society, no country can save us.. Our life is about learning, learning what is right or wrong. We are humans the beautiful creation of god. As long as we are living peacefully no power can destroy the beautiful creation of god. We are living beings, we have got this life to cherish it, enjoy it , live it. 
At the end of the war no one remembers that how they die? All they remember is how many of them died.     War is not between two people, or two religion or two countries its between peace & non peace.
Don't think like how does it matter if i change my mind & opt for peace, not everybody will think the same. But remember change begins with one.
So are you the one, who is ready to bring the change?.