Sunday, 19 June 2016

Biceps Theory (Anterior Arm Muscle).

While training the Biceps we train three Major Muscles in the Biceps.  
  1. Biceps Brachii.                                                  
 (Long Head & Short Head).     
 2. Brachialis.      
 3. Brachio Radials                  

For Starting Bicep Workout, Keep this quick hacks in mind to get the maximum effect.       
For Training BRICEPS BRACHII, following are the exercises: 


* Incline Dumbblle Curl                                             
Which helps in ELBOW-FLEXION                                          
It train the Long Head of the Biceps Brachii.     
(Remember Long head helps to increase the length of Biceps)                                               

* Preacher Curl:                                                             

which helps in ELBOW-FLEXION.                                                              It train the short head of Biceps Brachii.           
 (Remember Short head helps to increase the size of the biceps)    


 * Barbell Curl or Cable Curl.              
Which helps in ELBOW-FLEXION.                      
It train both head of the muscles           
{Note: While training Briceps Brachii, 
Your grip should always keep the supine grip i.e facing the ceiling}    

For Training BRACHIO RADIALIS following are the Exercises}       

* Hammer Curl    
 It helps in ELBOW-FLEXION.                                                                 
{Note: While training Brachioradialis
 always keep the Hammer Grip i.e side grip of the hands}.  

For training BRACHIALIS, following are the exercises.  

* Reverse Curl.                                                 
 It helps in ELBOW-FLEXION                           
 {Note: while training Brachialis,
always keep the prone grip, i.e: towards the ground).     

With the above exercises you can train your Biceps.     

 Always remember when you start training one muscle group then finish it completely & then start with the other one.                         
 For Eg:
If you start with BICEPS BRACHII then finish all the exercises first i.e Incline Dumble Curl, Preacher Curl & Arm curl & after then only move to another group either Brachioradialis or Brachialis.     

  {Always be scientific while training any muscle group for maximum effect & to prevent Injuries}.

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