Tuesday, 1 March 2016

It's Not What you Say, but about How you say it.

 Just a Thought, instead of saying,

Oh My God.: The Can is Full of Trash, 
try saying.
It would be really great if you could empty the trash, honey.      
In a psychological way, this technique is called "FRAMING".    
For an example.
 Statement A: This XYZ product is 99% Fat Free.                                   
Statement B: This XYZ product contains 1% Fat.                                                                      

Which statement, would you choose ?
Most of the people will be appalled by statement A, because it has much appealing power of listening  & gives a great imagination to the listener.                                                

 Now, have you ever wonder, when you say something or talk about something relevant. Things that effect in a positive way is just because how you say it.                            
Obviously, what you say matters, but it only effects when you say it, in a manner which hear good to other person's ears.                        

 Also, Technique of Framing, helps you attain the inner peace. Forget about how other person thinks about it, just focus saying things in a positive way gives you satisfaction.
It develops healthy Habit of  talking in a respectful & polite manner.          

Always remember, living beings, react  to identical situations, depending on how they are presented.                                                                
If a message is communicated in a different way, it will also be received in  different ways.

 Positive manner will give Positive effect. 
Negative manner will give negative effect.