Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What is Happening to this World?

Knock Knock! Are you really There?                            

What is Happening to this World?                           

This is a shout Out to all the people out there! This life what we are living is beautiful in every sense. No matter at present how much sad or stressed you are, but surely it will pass!                                                                              

Nothing is permanent! After every sorrow comes smile! After every happiness comes pains & the cycle goes on and on! If you are really upset & worried about anything then just for once think about the bigger picture, is this sadness worth it? Coz at the end this will pass & a new day will come!               

As we all know that life is too short to worry! So make a promise to yourself that no matter whatever comes, you will be thankful for it, no matter how sad you are but you will always look at the bigger picture of this shall pass!                                                                                   

Nothing remains for forever, not even our life's, so why not live it to the fullest. Just Be Thankful, Be Grateful, Be Happy coz this shall Pass too😘😇.                                  

 (P.S: Bhabumoshaye, Jindagi Badi Honi Chaiye, Lambi Nayi) 

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  1. Amazing thought given miss heena. Share this more and more.