Monday, 27 April 2015


Sitting around & thinking what would it be like when someday suddenly everything will come to an end.   Have you ever wonder this human kind has grown so gross that we actually have stopped believing that the nature is the super power. The nature has power of bringing everything to an end & that to without any warning. No doubt that we are so advanced that we have reached even moon. True that we can connect to whole world in less than a second but then are we really the super power?                         
Though we think that man can do everything & anything but we cannot run this planet. It is the nature & its natural instincts that actually run this earth & we are just lending a small space to live a couple of years what we call a life.                                  
As human we have crossed all our lines & made ourselves master of everything in our head that we have almost forgot that its not us who are running this planet, its actually the nature.                                                        
We never know what comes next, someday a little shake in earth of one 1 minute can destroy this whole planet without even giving any notification.   Its just like you are sitting & very next moment its boom...
No technology, no forecast no money, no flying car nothing can help us then.  Once its gone than its gone for forever.                                                        
May be its time that we should stop taking nature for granted, its time to actually respect the nature & its natural value because if we continued to destroy the nature at the very rapid state, then definitely NATURE will start taking us for granted & their will no way to escape.