Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lets be a Helping Hand:)

Often it crosses each one of our mind that why me? As we all live by the rule that we have to live for ourselves no matter what others are suffering through.  

 How difficult it is in today's time to help a stranger, it seems almost impossible to lend a hand to a old person carrying heavy bag, we become blind seeing a child on traffic signals begging for a penny, or paying a visit to a sick person in family. 

Why being kind is becoming so difficult nowadays?  

Why everyone of us have to live a life of suffering?  

Why can't all of us live this short life in a simple way. Being kind to others, helping strangers. Treating everyone equally.  

Imagine a life: No Racism, No Religion, No Cast-ism, Nothing at all, 
Where life can be a simple batter system of giving & receiving love & hope from each other. 

  Hope is something we all live by, so lets give hope to each other.