Monday, 23 March 2015

What is living?

Everybody is racing to get ahead of one another. Selfless word has changed its meaning to love oneself & do whatever to satisfy your own selves.                                 Stop for a second & think are you really living or mere just Breathing!!  Don't try your hands on anything & everything do things with which you are able to do justice. Life in not about what you can't do, its about what you are doing right now & what you are suppose to do.                          
As the great saying goes Life is not about how long you live its about how well you live.  With every second of our life we are so close to death that we ourselves have no clue that what next. Stop craving for materialist things start loving yourselves & people around you!   Lets make a habit of Forgiving & Forgetting. Don't keep your mind & heart busy with what will happen next. Start living the very moment you have right now because once its gone then its gone for forever. Find things which gives you happiness, which actually blows your mind off. 
At least spend 30 mins of your day with yourselves ask to yourself that what exactly you are doing & how exactly you should do it. Let the negative force inside you get away from your body & let the peace & calmness enter into it.                                                      Even greatest of human being can't  find god on highest mountain or deepest ocean because the very God lives inside your body, your soul & deep into your heart.   Never forget that life is equal balance of happiness & sadness. One cannot value the happy time without the experience of tough time.  Rejoice & pamper yourselves & your body everyday because its the one you live with.                 People This time we are living right now won't come back. Its now or never. Do things which makes you happy & satisfied. Overcome your greatest fear of life. Learn to forgive . Don't take too much of pressure & don't feel burdened.                   Live it. Live the moment!!                       

Peace!! God Bless every Creature on this planet:)