Sunday, 24 May 2015

This World & How we look at it.

Probably we say that this world is a creation of super-Power above us, watching us from right there. But then why can't it watch that humans are not anymore human. Everybody is running behind materialist things. Money, luxury, cars, gold, property & on & on, the never ending list of greed. Think about it, what can you take along with you on your deathbeds?                                              

Bank Balance, Car, Property? No, nothing can be taken along. All that can go with us is our good deeds, memories, times spent with our loved ones.                                                   

    Everybody who is born, have equal rights of accessing anything or everything.                                                    

An urge to people, look around yourself, is there someone around you, who is really happy & satisfied about this life?  Why everything is so messed up in each one of our life's.     In this pursuit of happiness are we doing any justice to this life?         One day it will all come to an end, this creation will destroy itself not because it is supposed to be destroyed but because it cannot fulfill the need of being human.          Machines were not the creation of super power up there, it was the creation of human.                               

Think about it, what is the real meaning of happiness & how can we really pursue by right method.            

 Money can't really buy you a immortal life, so why not share everything we have until it gets evenly distributed all over' 

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