Saturday, 27 December 2014

What does He Feel?

He is a man, so he has the feelings too. The society may not likely to agree with his feelings & needs but it’s his & only his. There must be infinite responsibilities & burden on him from the very beginning or we say since birth.
The day he was born someone wanted him to be become a doc/engineer/architect etc etc!! He was subjected to take all the responsibility whether he wanted or not. Though he never refused to accept any but then after all he is a human not a machine. End number of expectations only leads to frustration. He was never gender biased since his birth, its society which made him biased, who taught him that he is superior. He never made the choice himself, it was forced on him.
Then people say that he is a man all he need is his satisfaction. He has considered using others for his own satisfaction as his birth right. People thinks that he doesn't care about a girl’s feeling he only know that he has to use her as per his needs. Give one thought to this that no one is perfect not you not me. Its human tendency to make mistakes & so he is just a human. He makes mistakes because he is human not because he is a man.
He knows that his life is incomplete without the presence of other sex (Female) & he respect that. But as everyone have their own good or bad. Similarly he has his own needs & feelings. He doesn't want to be superior. May be its like he want to protect you from any bad that may happen to because of any reason.
Just because one turned out to be a jerk doesn't means that everyone out there is same.  He knows that society had made some rules for him that he has to look after the family, Protect, & Nurture them. But nowhere it’s written that anyone is subjected to expect every good thing out of Him.

Let’s not forget that he is a human being first & then a man. He has feelings good or bad it’s his. 

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