Sunday, 26 July 2015

Feeling of not belonging to what society consider right!!

As we grow up, we learn what is right & wrong in society, do's & don't of living. 
But what is society actually ?          
How can someone categories things in right & wrong?                                  

At times or almost every time as a person we don't belong to what is considered as right. 

It ain't necessary what is comforting to other will be comforting to you as well. As an individual everybody has the right to find their one own selves, their right or wrong. Rules are not always meant to be followed if you don't seem to belong to it..                                                              
Often for the sake of family, society or relatives Individual kills their own believes,  their own dream. But have you ever wonder who will actually care about all this at your deathbeds. Life is given to you to do what you feel right, not what society says!!       Nobody can be remembered for forever but definitely one can live their each day as forever creating memories!                                                 
Don't just stuck to regular so called life. Discover yourselves. Live the life to the fullest before it comes to an end. Make everyday count in creating memories.                                   
Evacuate the feeling of not belonging.   
 As the great saying goes.
 {Most people die by the age of 25 & buried at 85}  

Change the saying, change the life before its to late!!

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