Tuesday, 22 December 2015

What makes a marriage successful?

A lot has been said & heard about the institution of marriage. Some belief arrange marriages are more successful than love marriages & vice versa. 

In our society, from so many years the debate is going on, what makes a marriage successful: Love or Arrange?  
Somebody, please take a charge & make people understand, marriage is not merely based on the concept of "Love or Arrange", it is much beyond than this
It is a concept which brings two souls together & make their world a better place. Its success is not based on how it is done but how it is followed.                                      

 Now comes a point of "Broken Marriage" which is the biggest taboo in our society.             
People, its an urge just think for once. If two people get married & then they realize that they are really not meant for each other. Their life's are entirely opposite to each other, so what's the harm in calling it off.      
 Their is isn't an one justified reason to blame people for calling their marriage off.                   

Lets take an oath, with every passing moment we will become more open human, 

Lets make Being Mature & open minded a new fashion.            
 Remember, life is to short, don't regret your choices, just learn to move on & be a better human:).