Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thinking: a bliss or a blast?

When people says that don't like the other person because of their religion,caste etc etc. Then the question comes who made these different caste , creed & all?            God: if you are there, when you can see all this , then why don't you defend that you are only one & every creature is your blessing. There is no such things difference btw religion,nationality is made by you.          Thousands of people die just because of the fact they think they are dying to protect there religion.                      Can anyone of us come & take a stand? Can any of us make people aware that its about being human first. Life is way to short for justifying any of the differences.     When one person die then he or she is just a dead body nothing else.            Life is about living & loving each other truly. Life is about embracing each other.                            
No matter where you are born, 
What religion you are into etc , you are first a human who will die as a dead body & escape this world.        
Do good get good.. Live happy:)