Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sitting & Observing Familig around, Amaze Me@@

Sitting & observing families around , amaze me!!
 It amaze me in a certain way that how we keep bragging that family is most Important. Without family live is not worth while. Family is the reason for survival in this cruel world.                                                        
 But then there always comes a question in my mind.
 "Are we really the ones who wants to live together in a family?                                         Looking around i have noticed everybody living in a family always complaint about each other. That how a brother keep meddling in his sisters life. how mothers  keep complaining about their daughter-in-laws & son for their negligence towards her. How children keep weeping always for there personal space from their parents & the list goes on and on......                                       Its takes me to a level of thinking that what exactly a word "FAMILY" means. 
  Is it because we share blood relations with one another makes us a family?                  Is it really mandatory for us to be called as family because we share the same sir names?