Monday, 19 January 2015

Can six words describe her? A Mother.

For a second forget about everything & think about her. Who is she?
She is the one who will be okay for bleeding every week in a month for more than half of her life, because it gives her satisfaction that one day she will have you. She is the one who won’t care about her body not at all about her outgrowing womb for complete 9 Months or may be all her life because of bad health issues just to bring you alive. She would bear the enormous pain just to bring you in this world. She won’t mind waking up all day & night just to look after you & feed you even though it would be aching all over her body. Even most of the times she will fulfil your needs & greed’s before you will really ask for it.
So what, it is okay? It is her duty to do all this. Every woman does this.
But why is she doing this. What makes her go crazy?
This craziness is about her peace of mind. We the children give her the unconditional happiness which she can ever ask for. For the first time after the birth when she takes her baby in her lap, it’s the most satisfied & cherishing moment of her life. She is okay with sacrificing almost anything & everything she has because her baby is her biggest asset. She won’t hesitate for once while tearing her body just to keep you warm.

She is the MOTHER. A true & real face of god. Respect her, Adore her never hurt her because no one will love & affectionate you like she do!!

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