Monday, 5 January 2015

In search of peace!!

Imagine a world where there is no war, no terror, no problems. How would that be?What all we need? A peaceful & happy life with lots of memories. One who is born, shall die one day. When no one can change this then why life is so complicated? How does the difference of religion, country & language helps us. Imagine if there will be no war & peace all over the world, then nobody shall die the unnatural death. No war means no armies which in turn means that that no solider has to leave his or her family to fight for his/her country.
Peace a small word barely 5 words but can give you hell lot of satisfaction.                  People says that they fight to protect there culture, religion, country, sovereignty etc etc..
Who made it different?
The truth is god never created any difference. God made us.  We the humans are his creations. He made us but we created different religions, countries, societies etc according to our greed's & needs. But we almost forgot that needs can be fulfilled but greed's cannot be.. We forgot that religion was actually made to fool of ourselves. Surely religion was discovered when first conman met first fool..                                   Give a thought one day or other your life will come to an end. Therefore no war, no terrorism no nuclear weapons, no diff of religion, no society, no country can save us.. Our life is about learning, learning what is right or wrong. We are humans the beautiful creation of god. As long as we are living peacefully no power can destroy the beautiful creation of god. We are living beings, we have got this life to cherish it, enjoy it , live it. 
At the end of the war no one remembers that how they die? All they remember is how many of them died.     War is not between two people, or two religion or two countries its between peace & non peace.
Don't think like how does it matter if i change my mind & opt for peace, not everybody will think the same. But remember change begins with one.
So are you the one, who is ready to bring the change?.


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