Sunday, 7 June 2015

So Many People but then Lonliness all over

Everywhere, every moment, every second we are surrounded by millions & billions of people but then deep down each one of us is so alone.   
Have you ever wondered what is the meaning of this life? 
Where each of one us just breathing not even living.   It create chaos thinking about How life's  gonna turn tom & when it comes then again about another tom & finally their comes the end.                    
Every day its a race of taking it to next level, but who knows what next level will bring along itself.                     
Can't we just sit & take a break for a second & think about what exactly the life is & why each one of us so lonely?                                                           
Take an example of Our social network. Hundreds of friends in our network but the point is with how many we actually talk to? With how many we actually hang out with?         
Let's not forget the fact that none of us immortal. Everyone has an end to this life, let's enjoy it now because we never know "KAL HO NA HO"