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While training shoulder Three "DELTOIDS" are trained & with that we have to focus on strengthening "ROTATOR CUFF"                    

Deltoids are trained as follows: 

For training anterior deltoid following are the exercises.  
*Front Raise   
 Its an Isolation exercise, 
helps in shoulder flexion.    


*OVER HEAD PRESS (Dumbbell or Barbell)   

Its an Compound exercise,
 helps in Shoulder Over head abduction.    


2. MIDDLE DELTOID.                                               
For training middle deltoid following are the exercise.                                                                 

 *SIDE RAYS (Dumbbell or Cable).                         
Its an isolation exercise, helps in Shoulder-Abduction. 


*UPRIGHT ROW (Barbell or Cable).                 
Its an compound exercise,
 helps Shoulder-Abduction.       

3. POSTERIOR DELTOID                                           

For training posterior deltoid following are the exercises. 


 Its an isolation exercise, 
helps in Shoulder-Horizontal Abduction.        


Above written are the complete exercise for training all three deltoids of shoulder. 
Often people focus on training Middle & Anterior Deltoid only, which causes deformity of the shoulder. Always complete the shoulder by training all three Deltoids including Posterior.                                              

 (Note: Finish One deltoid exercises & then  start with second deltoid which gives the maximum result).    

^^^** ROTATOR CUFF.     


 In all the above exercises of shoulder "Rotator Cuff" acts as a stabiliser & perform all the rotation with ease, 
so its mandatory to train Rotator Cuff as well.                                  

The muscles in the rotator cuff include:
  • Teres minor
  • Infraspinatus
  • Supraspinatus
  • Subscapularis.                                                                                                                                   

  • Three muscles "Supraspiantus", "Infraspinatus" & "Teres Minor" helps in shoulder External Rotation.                             For training these 3 Muscles exercise to be performed is " PASSIVE EXTERNAL ROTATION".   

  • The fourth one "Subscapularis" helps in Shoulder Internal Rotation. Exercise to perform this muscle is "PASSIVE INTERNAL ROTATION"                 

  •  Things To Remember: Shoulder is the most mobile joint of the body & most unstable too. 

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